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Start with the , give it some hope, and it will flourish.


Insight Family Therapy & Counselling Services offers both Christian and non Christian counselling. Counselling can assist individuals, couples and families to improve their relationships. Counsellors do not make judgements on who is right or wrong, they don't tell clients what to do and they don't try to persuade people to stay married or together, if that is not what both individuals want.







Mastering life’s challenges

sometimes requires

a helping hand



                Because we are all unique human beings and
            all have different perceptions and expectations
            of what we are looking for, the outcomes of counselling
            can vary as widely as the individual expectations
            of those who seek counselling.


Whilst a counsellor cannot guarantee any particular result from the counselling process, they will work with you to achieve the best result possible. The services offered cover many areas of counselling, to the left are links that cover some of the areas, more will be added as time permits. The Links button give you links to other services and Government help and departments.


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